Too Adult For An Adult Freelance Site…

I’m a freelance writer and fill in the blank. I have many skills that range from writing to data entry, and many other things in between. I’ve provided work for different types of clients. I use almost all of my previous clients and those projects on my resume/CV for any type of freelance site that I use. I have edited and proofread romance erotica in the past. It’s not a genre I read, but I will happily lend my skills to almost any genre of book.

Recently, I received¬†an email from a site I use to gain freelance work from. Apparently, it was reported or they discovered I had “adult content” in my profile. What it boiled down to, they eluded to the fact I was offering adult services. I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed. I didn’t immediately realize it was because I mentioned, at least, twice my previous experience of editing romantic erotica novels.

When I finally realized the issue, I laughed some more. It was silly. Romantic erotica has been a literary genre just like any other. I distinctly recall seeing posts seeking ghostwriters to lend their skills to create these types of stories. It had never occurred to me that including the term erotica on my profile under “previous projects” would get my profile temporarily shut down.

In this situation, it was an easy fix. I simply removed the term erotica from my profile, in the two spots I mentioned above.

What was once:

“I’ve been an editor for romantic¬†erotica, science fiction, poetry, and a children’s authors.”

Changed to:

“I’ve been an editor for romance, science fiction, poetry, and a children’s authors.”


What was once:

“Edited poetry, romantic erotica, vampire fiction, and a children’s book.”

Changed to:

“Edited poetry, romance, vampire fiction, and a children’s book.”

The incident is silly, and I laugh at the fact that erotica would be so taboo. This was in one of the emails and I quote, “Specifically for offering editing erotica writings.” I never offered to edit erotica writings.

It was an amusing experience, to say the least. My profile was restored rather swiftly once I “complied with their policy.” It didn’t have an effect on me beyond having to figure out what they were referring to.

So remember would-be freelancers, use the term erotica at your own peril!

1 thought on “Too Adult For An Adult Freelance Site…”

  1. A sad trend, that full-grown adults in fields that easily contain ‘mature’ work that should only be filled with full-grown adults have to write their resumes so that they are rated PG. I guess once you’ve done anything remotely deviant, you probably will not be able to resist the urge to be deviant in all your work as far as HR people are concerned. Even if it’s just editing of all things.

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