Bekah June is a technical writer and published occult author based in Chandler, Oklahoma. While a native of Oklahoma, she grew up in the Ozarks in Arkansas. In her former life, she was a professional game master and Steampunk. 

She is a mom of two, chronicling their misadventures through childhood and cosplay in her blog Curious Life of Hobbits.

Her current book is available in the U.S. and E.U. – Turning the Table: A Look at the Victorian Supernatural Obsession on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She has lectured on Victorian Paranormal at conventions and conferences across the U.S. She is a voice actor lending her voice to bring Rhayne’s Co A.I. to life in Tales of a Broken Reality web series. She loves taking the stage at local open mics as a stand-up comedian.

Her passion in life is writing, art, and history. She loves sharing that with her Instagram followers. You can check out her portfolio on Journoportfolio.