Redbubble & My Hobbyist Design Obsession

I jokingly call myself a hobbyist designer. I don’t, currently, own photoshop and most of my design work is for my own amusement that I occasionally upload to Redbubble or Society 6. I have designed logos for artists, creators, and a local radio show. I’ve even design graphics and advertisements for those same people, for a fee.

I really like Redbubble. I think, so far, it is my favorite print on demand type site. Their layout is easy and their customer service is fantastic. Two reasons why they’ve won my business. They came highly recommended to me by artist friends who do this stuff for a living.

Most of my designs are either inspired by the occult or my odd humor. Today, I wanted to share with you a few of those designs. There are several products you can purchase with one of my designs on them – hoodies, dresses, shirts, mugs, stickers, bags, journals, and more.

Here are a few of my favorite designs available in my Redbubble Store:


I own the laptop sleeve pictured above. The design is called Skullster. I love carrying it and it gets a good deal of use. If you are an artist looking into a site that you can use to sell your art or designs on, check out sites like Redbubble. clear-3d47ed7c4bf0dcd33d57106b070f5f0d


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