The Six Types of Writers

I know I fall into a mixture of these types of writer. Where do you fall? Give Quintessential Editor‘s post a read. On a nerd level, it resonates with me. On a writer’s level, it made me laugh.

I stumbled across the above image on Twitter today and felt it was too hilarious to not share. This image was created by Alexi Maxim Russel, on his blog, The Guerrilla Ronin Writer. I had to play, follow-the-bread-crumbs, for about ten minutes to finally get back to the source. I’ve saved you the trouble with […]

via The Six Types of Writers (Reblog) — Quintessential Editor

1 thought on “The Six Types of Writers”

  1. It was the nerdiness that pulled me in too. Glad to find kindred writer/gamers in the blog-o-verse.

    Your bio is really interesting. I obviously need to add you to my unofficial bloggers to watch list (bookmarked to make you easy to find) and swing by often! It says all the right things for me: paranormal, occult, freelance, proofreading, steampunk…and the list goes on.

    Happy to connect!

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