Millennial Coder: The New Journey of Self-Discovery through programming

It's been a while since I have sat down to my MacBook to write something other than code. I was thinking about my journey over the past six months in terms of my new obsession - coding. The first thought that came to me had been, I should have chronicled this whole process from the… Continue reading Millennial Coder: The New Journey of Self-Discovery through programming

The Memory of Rain

The rain descends. The city is bleak. The fog has crawled in to cover the skyline. I look toward the horizon. It is the same as yours. I look for the sun but it is hidden in the greyness. In the sadness. At night we view the same moon. The stars watch over us. I… Continue reading The Memory of Rain

New Adventures – The Beginning

It goes without saying that beginning can be the hardest step. We stand at the start peering into the unknown. We can only guess what we may face on the path ahead. Even if the path is one you've traveled before, the path can shift and change. This is how college is for me. It… Continue reading New Adventures – The Beginning