Not All Is What You Plan

The plans of life often take a constant detour. Life is one giant detour for some of us. All the planning in the world can leave us unprepared. Okay, I have all of the quippy sage advice out of the way ... life sucks. I won't sugar coat this, I'm no Mary Poppins. For many,… Continue reading Not All Is What You Plan

New Adventures – The Beginning

It goes without saying that beginning can be the hardest step. We stand at the start peering into the unknown. We can only guess what we may face on the path ahead. Even if the path is one you've traveled before, the path can shift and change. This is how college is for me. It… Continue reading New Adventures – The Beginning

College – Doing The Thing

College at my age, it's not uncommon. I recently read about a 90+-year-old lady who was in college, doing the thing. After talking to a friend, I decided to go for it. Why not? Sure, I thought of so many reasons why I should just wait or not do it, but at the end of the day, those reasons weren't good enough. They were excuses. So, as of today, I am officially a college student.

A Very Reluctant Millennial

Millenial is a buzzword that gets tossed around on social media, in the media, and in various articles. It refers to the generation formally known as Gen Y. A few years ago, this was news to me. I had heard the term Millenial and honestly figured it was meant for the generation born just before and after the new millennium. It was a bit of a surprise and deep annoyance that my generation were those "awful millennials" people kept moaning about. Those darn millennials just ruining everything.