Facing the Remote Work Burnout

2020 was the year - the year of remote working. Who knew that a viral epidemic would be the driving force behind companies globally deciding to adapt to teleworking? So many people were unprepared because the dream does not always match reality. We are a society acclimated to working in an office among our colleagues.… Continue reading Facing the Remote Work Burnout

Not Always Right: The Great Customer Service Divide

"The Customer is always right." Whether you have been a customer or have worked in a customer service-based business, you are familiar with this statement. The phrase was coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge owner of Selfridges based in London, England. It's a phrase used by businesses over the past 100 years to create… Continue reading Not Always Right: The Great Customer Service Divide


This is a great post on how to write an article in under 30 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. I know I tend to over think the articles I am hired to write and when I overthink, it takes more time to write. I always appreciate a post with great tips and this one is worth the read.

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dog-time-perception-2As a freelancer, I get paid for my time. Therefore, it makes sense to use that time efficiently. Whether I am writing an article for a client who has given me the topic or writing one on spec, I don’t want  to spend hours penning thousands of words. With a business to run, along with daily life, I try to keep an article or blog post to under 30 minutes including research. There’s no reason to sacrifice quality either. Following these tips will ensure you produce excellent content in as brief time as possible.

  • Keep it short 

Around 500 words is best. There are millions of articles and blog posts on the Internet and no matter how interesting the subject, it’s best to keep it brief. I recently wrote a 1,500-word piece for a client about Mountain Bike Tyres and believe me, even the most dedicated cyclist would have struggled to…

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