Facing the Remote Work Burnout

2020 was the year - the year of remote working. Who knew that a viral epidemic would be the driving force behind companies globally deciding to adapt to teleworking? So many people were unprepared because the dream does not always match reality. We are a society acclimated to working in an office among our colleagues.… Continue reading Facing the Remote Work Burnout

Not Always Right: The Great Customer Service Divide

"The Customer is always right." Whether you have been a customer or have worked in a customer service-based business, you are familiar with this statement. The phrase was coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge owner of Selfridges based in London, England. It's a phrase used by businesses over the past 100 years to create… Continue reading Not Always Right: The Great Customer Service Divide

Facebook: Money Pit or Business Owner’s Friend?

Facebook. Most of us us it. Many of our parents even manage to use the large social community to post memes, misinformed political rants, and share photos. So, while that does not cover the entire expanse of Facebook, it has devolved into the tired standard. For Businesses, Facebook has become a MONEY PIT. That can… Continue reading Facebook: Money Pit or Business Owner’s Friend?

Fork in the Road: Changing Your Plans, Not Your End Goals

Hello Life, my name is Bekah - thanks for another fork in the road. For some, life is a constant series of obstacles, choices, and changes. In my life, it seems this is an absolute fact. Not too long ago I wrote about changing my focus and direction at school. Recent life happenings have presented… Continue reading Fork in the Road: Changing Your Plans, Not Your End Goals