Facing the Remote Work Burnout

2020 was the year – the year of remote working. Who knew that a viral epidemic would be the driving force behind companies globally deciding to adapt to teleworking? So many people were unprepared because the dream does not always match reality. We are a society acclimated to working in an office among our colleagues. We have a space designated to our piece in the broader scope contributing to the company’s bottom line. 

You have to find a new way of life in your isolation at home. You are contributing to both flattening the curve and keeping your company afloat. This has one of two effects on the daily teleworker – you are either thriving or close to a burnout. How do you avoid burnout? 


You cannot rely on the same routine you had when you were reporting in-office. You find yourself stuck within your home’s confines, and it is beyond easy to just let work consume you. Routine is good, it’s essential. Take a moment to write down a possible routine that includes breaks – go outside, take a walk, indulge in a podcast, or an episode of your favorite show throughout the day. Always seek the time for self-care. 


It is a great time to figure out a hobby. You don’t have to be productive, but finding something that you can do to relax or take your mind off of things is a great indulgence. Many people are taking up drawing, cooking, baking, and even putting together puzzles. 

Digital Happy Hours

Even if you do not drink, you can create digital happy hours with your work colleagues. Set aside an hour during the week to have a virtual hangout with each other using video conferencing programs like Zoom. There are games designed for people to play in real-time. Be creative. It’s good to have social interactions even now. 

The reality of our current need to isolate is effecting many people causing depression and anxiety. Check out the CDC information on Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 for more information if you suspect any changes in your mood and behavior. These are trying times, coming together as a community will make us stronger – be safe. 

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