Fork in the Road: Changing Your Plans, Not Your End Goals

Hello Life, my name is Bekah – thanks for another fork in the road.

For some, life is a constant series of obstacles, choices, and changes. In my life, it seems this is an absolute fact. Not too long ago I wrote about changing my focus and direction at school. Recent life happenings have presented themselves in such a manner that I have no option but change my plans with school, life, and career for the foreseeable future. The thing is, my end goal is the same.

It’s really easy to succumb to the stress and feeling of defeat when such a major life occurrence happens you feel lost – hopeless. The thing is, your end goal does not have to change. You just need a new plan to reach your goal.

I was asked recently in a job interview (I’ll get to that later) what if I was unable to achieve my goals, what would I do and how would I handle it?

My answer?

Goals are always achievable. Sometimes the timelines, deadlines, and how you accomplish them have to change in order for you to accomplish them. Sometimes, it may be as simple as asking for help.

I’m unsure if my response was something they wanted to hear, have heard, or if it was a unique response to a timeless interview question. I stand firm in my beliefs that failure is not a loss, it is an opportunity to grow and improve.

Just to let you know, readers, I was offered the job.

Despite the optimism, the reality is this: If you are facing a road block that threatens your well-laid plans to achieve your goals, own up to it. Face it. Create a new plan. I know how hard it can be. It’s doable, the answer may not be right in front of you but it can be found. Allow yourself a moment to freak out but do not allow panic to be your guide, taking over your life.

My one cardinal rule in life is “Own up to your mistakes now – not later.”

Our own mistakes can affect our ability to achieve our goals and they can greatly impact those around us. In a job setting, those mistakes left unclaimed and unresolved will fester, grow worse, and sabotage your career. The best thing to do is own up to it, the sooner you do the sooner it can be fixed. The consequences may be momentarily uncomfortable, just remember that in the long run, your integrity will speak for itself.

Plan away, readers, make those goals. Just be realistic that your plans may have to change but in the end your goal is what really matters.

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