New Year, New Perceptions

Happy New Year!

It is a curious case that we as a society continue to perpetuate this flawed tradition of setting resolutions for the New Year. Setting obtainable goals is one thing, but unrealistic resolutions are another. Kudos to the few who actually follow through, it is rather admirable. The few do not outweigh the many.

So, this year (2017) I have a challenge for you all, even if you recently posted a long diatribe reflecting on 2016 and the resolutions you have declared. I challenge you to create two achievableĀ goals for each month. The catch is, you can only plan your goals at the beginning of the new month. As you greet the new month, you can begin with a sense of accomplishment and fresh perspective of what your needs are for the following month. Having a full year goal is fine, however, it is hard to predict what is going to happen. Life throws unexpected curve balls constantly. Be realistic and accomplish new things!

My two goals for January are:

  1. Get organized from my recent move before classes begin on the 18th and stay organized!
  2. Gradually get back to practicing yoga and meditation daily.


Both goals may not seem significant but for my life and needs, they have an impact on my daily needs.


Good luck, feel free to share your January goals. I will update on my progress as the month continues and share my February goals at the end of this month!


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