Hello Hiatus – Thy Name is Introspection

So, a tiny bit of hiatus. I won’t lie – it was not in my plan. Sometimes, taking the time to step away from various activities or even commitments in our lives is necessary. School started three weeks ago. It has been an interesting journey and my battle with financial aid is done for this semester. There is something that I have been thinking upon for the last couple of weeks. It was something quite trivial that has had a lasting imprint on my mind and in my thoughts.

I read one the best meme quotes the other day. Well, I wouldn’t say it is really a quote since there was no person attributed to it. You’ve seen them. Witty and wise. Good for a laugh but makes so much sense.

Dance like no one is watching; write emails like someone will read them aloud in a deposition.

I need this in cross-stitch hanging above my desk. No seriously, I think I need this sent to every person I know who has a business of some sort.

This past Saturday I was a guest at a Women’s Conference geared toward the creative industry. I sat on a panel with another talented lady, Beth Howard, who is a whiz at Social Media Marketing. We discussed several social media marketing related topics during the 45-minute time-frame. It was such a great experience as a presenter. One of the things we both agreed upon was that even in business, have fun. Business doesn’t have to be stiff. It doesn’t have to be white bread boring. However, fun occurs within boundaries. You know your clients, at least I hope you do, and you know what your limits and boundaries are in relation to engaging them in any type of conversation.

So what does that have to do with “Dance like no one is watching?”

Just dance. Just have fun. Just live and love life. People are going to see it. Clients are going to see it. Just know that there is a balance to being fun and professional.

Remember the post about oversharing on social media? It applies to email or any other form of correspondence like social media messaging. If that correspondence is in a documented form, remember that one day it could be read aloud in a deposition.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Be Concise – share exactly what you must in order to relay the information.
  • Keep it Professional – it won’t hurt to have fun, especially if you have a rapport with the recipient but don’t overstep. Crass humor is never acceptable.
  • Avoid Overshare – you could accidently leak information that may be confidential or need-to-know. Don’t be that guy.
  • Once you press send, it’s sent.
  • Proofread

If you cannot say it to your boss, don’t say it to a co-worker or client.

Remember – keep dancing!


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