Patreon – A New Way to Support Artists

I discovered Patreon when a musician friend from the Steampunk music scene, Erica Mulkey – a.ka. Unwoman – posted that she had started an account. The basics of it are for just as little as $1 a month you would get one of her new songs (digital download). It piqued my interest because I love her music and what a simple way to support an artist friend.

It’s hard as an artist and writer to support friends monetarily all the time. I do what I can to support them in other ways. But Patreon, it can allow me to support those friends and artists continue to do what they do. I started a Patreon of my own shortly after she began to advertise her’s. At first, I wasn’t sure what I would offer. It’s the curse of having multi-interests and talents. After some time, I decided to focus on my horror writing.

My Patreon, like many others, has tiers set up for those seeking to become a patron. Each tier has a price point, per month, and a great item you get for your pledge.

For example, on my Patreon РHorror Chick:

$1 a month – I create and upload a Horror design sized for your facebook cover.

$5 a month РI write a new horror short story each month that you, as a $5 patron will receive via Patreon.

It grows from there with bigger things for more money per month.

As I said, my friend offers songs and more. Other artists offer various other things that they create. It’s really just that simple.

You create an account. You add your credit/debit card or PayPal, then pledge to whomever you want. Honestly, $1 may not seem like much but it does add up with more people coming on board as pledges.

It’s great for those seeking to support artists, discover new talents, and new content. Check it out, considering becoming a patron.

If you are an artist of any type and want to find out more about Patreon or set up your own account – click here!


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