When Too Honest Is Merely Opinion

Happy Monday! I’ve been working on my post schedule, I have also determined what type of posts will be occurring as the week progresses. For the time being, Mondays will be dedicated to my inner thoughts & musings on societal pressures.

Recently, in my news feed, there has been a rash of posts regarding the realness of people. These posts amount to a rhetorical quandary regarding how fake people are and why are they not capable of being real. Naturally, devout followers respond in turn declaring their realness which results in the lack of friends due to their being too honest.

This leaves me with two immediate questions:

Who determines the realness of others?

Is the realness determined on how honest one is?

It comes to a point where our own inability to be open with others hinders us. We become unable to empathize with the insecurities that others may have. To be “real” with another person, there must be trust. Without trust, we remain guarded. Is this a false front? Not necessarily. It is simply sharing who we are in increments. We shield ourselves from further hurt and pain by presenting only portions of ourselves.

Us vs Them Mentality

The immediate defensive response is I am real, I don’t have friends because I am too honest. A person indisposed to instantly say this should consider the weight of their personal truth. Is the honesty genuine or is it deceptive and judgemental? Immediately rushing to defend one’s valor against the accusation that all people are implied to be fake and incapable of being real, only serves to create a Us vs. Them mentality. In saying such we alienate others because we find our own virtue above those around us.

The chasm of you’re wrong, therefore I am right will always keep people at war. It worsens when our first reaction is to blame others for our shortcomings. Clearly, because we have a shortcoming of being “too honest” the other people are at fault.

Blessed is the man who can own his faults and improve upon them to better his relationship with others.

Are You Too Honest or Is It An Opinion?

The common tie to those commenting and justifying why they believe people and society are fake is because they themselves are “too honest.” Thus the result is that people hate them for their over honesty, as mentioned above.

There becomes a point where honesty ceases to be a truth and it becomes an opinion. In this case, when people claim they are “too honest” what they are really saying is they freely share their opinion and expect others to see it as truth. Honesty and truth can hurt but it’s something we need in life. It’s freeing. It allows us to see our mistakes and merits. We learn from the truth and grow. The truth is a realization of character. It is an utterance of sincerity.

Opinions are often far from honesty and truth. Opinions are formed based on varying factors. Opinions can be grounded in rocky terrain, based on false information and conjecture. While an opinion can be based on truth, it is not an absolute.

People are not brought to hatred because of being “too honest.” It is the result of a crass opinion that is given with the expectation that it should be taken as truth.

If you are willing to take the advice, consider what the truths of others are before freely giving your opinion. Be genuine in your honesty, reality is all perspective.






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