College – Doing The Thing

College at my age, it’s not uncommon. I recently read about a 95-year-old lady who was in college, doing the thing. After talking to a friend, I decided to go for it. Why not? Sure, I thought of so many reasons why I should just wait or not do it. At the end of the day, those reasons weren’t good enough. They were excuses. So, as of today, I am officially a college student.

What does this mean? Well, it’s another part of my adventure. I explained to my son who is starting kindergarten this year, about what college is. Basically, the explanation ended with me saying that it is a school for adults. He’s a smart kid, but this basic definition allowed him and his younger, not school-aged, brother to understand. He threw his arms in the air before hugging me tightly exclaiming, “Yay, for you, Mama. That’s awesome!”

His excitement about school is contagious. It’s a motivation I need to do the thing.

If you don’t know what “doing the thing” is, you are missing out. Doing the thing  all about creating what others say is impossible. It’s about achieving goals. Or as Shia LaBeouf says – JUST DO IT!

I attempted college once. It was almost exactly ten years ago. Gleesh, ten years. I didn’t finish for a multitude of reasons, health being the first and foremost reason. The long story is long, and I won’t bore you. The simple fact is I never went back. Now, it’s the time to do it. As Yoda once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

As I embark on this new journey, I have been seeking some helpful blogs and tips about college. There is a serious lack of good blogs that go beyond adolescent here is how I take notes, isn’t it cute? Your notebooks are cute; it must be nice to spend more time creating Instagram-worthy notes than actually studying. Don’t get me wrong I am an Instagram addict. You will occasionally find food photos.

I love tips on how to take better notes. I was a note-taking fiend in High school. I still collect notebooks and most are full of notes for future occult books. I probably have one dedicated to vampires of the Victorian era. Notes for my books and notes from class to study are going to be slightly different. At least my notebook addiction will be appeased. Who has time in class to sit and draw little rosettes and perfect bullet-point journal inspired pages? Then that begs the question of, who has time to interpret their own chicken-scratch from class to create those majestic class notes? Certainly not me. If you do, that’s your groove and more power to you.

Throughout my journey, I will be creating some college-related posts along with other posts related to freelancing, social media marketing, and various other topics. Be sure to follow for any new updates and other content that I am working on.

Remember – Do The Thing!

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